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Creative solutions for creative productions.

Budgets are limited, and talent is even more limited. Especially top talent. We offer a solution to both. 

The most effective use for the FineSpline process is to drop us into low cost outsourced work so we can spice it up. If you don't already have a low cost outsource team, don't worry. We provide that also. Either way, by using us for your animation needs the quality will be among the best in the industry.

Efficiency is key, and we believe that what separates good from great is the last phase of the animation. Known as "polish", this final step is more than just making the animation smooth, it is responsible for correcting anything prior that might be less than ideal. Additionally, polish is a skill that can turn into an endless time sink if not handled well. This is precisely what we capitalize on, and what separates us from the rest.

Our animators have spent years perfecting the craft, and know the most effective way to get the job done. Drop us into any animation and we will give it a face lift. Even if it started with low cost talent, it will look like high cost talent did it the entire time. This flexibility is the reason we suggest it could not only raise the quality bar, but also provide a budget friendly solution.

Send us troubled assignments, or integrate us into your pipeline to unclog the schedule and have a more streamlined production.

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