What is a "shared workflow" and who is it for?

Explore. Streamline. Scale.

A shared workflow is when an animator takes an existing work and refines it. Instead of going back and forth with notes, this process focuses on direct results by allowing an experienced animator to make changes to the actual file themselves. In short, our workflow streamlines the animation process to achieve high quality without blowing out the budget.

Although we would like to take credit for the idea, sharing a work is an age-old strategy invented during the earliest productions of hand-drawn animation. We just reimagined it to fit within a 3D pipeline. We believe that injecting top talent precisely where it makes a difference would be unmistakably advantageous. Now we want to offer that advantage to you. 

By utilizing a shared workflow you can rest easy exploring early developments with low cost talent, knowing that you have a secret weapon to make the final product look exceptional.

A shared workflow also allows for a more streamlined production. Imagine a world where an animator’s work can be approved when only 70% complete, and then sent to a polish animator to achieve a quality level that rivals the best in the industry.

Lastly, a shared workflow is designed for scale. Clients who inject our services can relieve pressure toward their valued employees on an entire production, striking that coveted work-life balance.

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